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الجمعة، 31 أكتوبر 2014

The 'success' in Iraq

The 'success' in Iraq

Does the violence ever end in Iraq?

Nope.  It continues as no one seems too concerned about coming up with a political solution.  AP reports a western Baghdad bombing ("at a sheep market") claimed the lives of 5 people while leaving thirteen more injued and a second western Baghdad bombing left 2 people dead and nine injured, while in Madain a bombing claimed 4 lives and left eleven more people injured and Youssifiyah saw a bombing ("at an outdoor market") which left 4 people dead and ten injured.  National Iraqi News Agency reports a roadside bombing otuside of Baquba left two farmers injured.

Iraqi Spring MC reports an Iraqi civilian is dead after being kidnapped at his place of work in Baghdad -- he was kidnapped and killed by a Shi'ite militia.

Meanwhile, this is what passes for 'success' with Barack's 'plan' to confront the Islamic State, Alsumaria reports Samara is now under a roaming ban -- no vehicles, no pedistrians -- while Iraqi Spring MC reports the same ban in Amiriya.

And the latest victim in the Iraqi government's non-stop bombing of residential areas in Falluja?

IraqiSpringMC has an English Twitter feed (it usually runs a few hours behind the Arabic one, however, the above on Falluja hasn't yet made the Arabic feed) and the 
 link in the Tweet above goes to Iraqi Spring MC's English Facebook page.

Iraq's experiencing some heavy rains in certain areas.  Alsumaria notes the Human Rights Ministry has pointed out that the heavy rains near Mount Sinjar -- where at least 700 Yazidi families remain trapped all these months later -- are unearthing multiple corpses of Yazidis killed in recent months (slaughtered) and sending them floating to the surface.

Nearly 3 months after it was implemented, this is what qualifies as 'success' for Barack's 'plan'?

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