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الأحد، 4 يناير 2015



In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful the Compassionate
Statement No. (1042)
Concerning the Iranian officials statements on the flagrant interference of their country in Iraq and the region
Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, and his family and companions and allies,
Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Iranian National Security, Ali Shamkhani, has considered the replacing of the former PM, Nuri al-Maliki, with the new designated PM Haider al-Abadi, made his country's position stronger than before in the Middle East, and the ((Iraqi government and people become closer to Iran than previously, and they concede that Iran becomes represent their strategic depth)); the deputy commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Gen. Hussain Salami, has affirmed existence of popular armies linked with the Iranian revolution in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, times more than the number of Hezbollah members in Lebanon.
These crude remarks boost - what was been already confirmed in past - Iran's massive influence over the region, and reaching of its "National Expansion Project" to an unbearable metastases and growths outside its boundaries, what Khomeini had failed to achieve in the 1980s; Khamenei works to make it true right now.
What is new in these statements is the avowal of Iran's leaders and politicians with these facts in broad daylight, on the glare from countries all over the world, including the United States, the nation which is called by the Iranians as the (Great Satan), without a blinking eye by any state or expresses concern, as well as condemns it, which denouncing the charters of the United Nations, and underestimating the international resolutions; and all this reveals an international collusion, especially between Iran and the West; to exercise on behalf to tamper with the region, to dispel its power, and to destruct the generations future, in a manner reminiscent of historic alliances in previous eras, attempting to ascertain the same malignant goals.
While the Association of Muslim Scholars condemns these statements, it sees a major benefit in which, where the offender has acknowledged with his crimes, in order to be seen by whom lost his eyesight and be heard by who suffered deafness, and reveal to the Muslim world who is the enemy and who is the friend; it considers that its duty to emphasize that these statements are a station - at the same time - that requires from Arab and Muslim countries who are able to drive events, to reconsider their alliance with the West, and self-reliance to rein Iran, and end its evils and sins, otherwise the region will face a disastrous catastrophe, which may wipe it totally.
General Secretariat
10 / Rabi' al-awwal / 1436 AH
01/ January / 2015 AD

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