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الأحد، 14 سبتمبر 2014

AMS renews rejection of the current political process

AMSI has issued a statement numbered 1022 concerning the formation of a new government, in which the Association renewed its rejection of the current political process, and warned the Iraqi people of the risks of the intention that the new government and those who stand behind it to lead a new war against the revolutionaries and the uprising areas, under the pretext of counter terrorism.

  The statement said that at a time when the current Prime Minister seemed happy while delivering a speech, Iraqis are accustomed to hear at the beginning of each stage of the political process, which filled with false promises and pseudo pledges, the government army warplanes were dropped barrel bombs on the city of Fallujah, joining a number of children, women and elderly to the caravan of Death, and they complain to God Almighty the injustice of the government of tyranny, which used to lie on the people, and exercised hypocrisy in front of the world.

  The Association emphasized that the formation of this government reminds the Iraqis the formation of the first government of occupation, because of whose in charge of that process in 2003, they themselves charge of it in 2014, under the same sponcers America and Iran based on the government of sectarian and ethnic bases.

  The Association suggested in its statement that the right place for many who have been entrusted to them ministerial portfolios in the new government is prisons and jails and fair courtrooms, not honoring their attribution by new positions to them, regarding crimes they have committed over the past years against Iraq and innocent Iraqis.

  The Association of Muslim Scholars, draw attention that the politicians of (Sunni Arabs) who claim to represent the uprising provinces; ignored requests for the masses who were elected them hoping to lift or lighten the injustice they are suffering from, and it was their top concern to achieve political interests of their blocks and their parties, regardless all the cries of the detainees, and the groans of the displaced, not to mention of those who received the barrel bombs every day which demolishing homes and tearing bodies.

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