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الاثنين، 22 سبتمبر 2014

Revolt started on the anniversary of Saddam Hussein

Ibrahim Ebeid
The Iraqi people and its valiant National Resistance are leading a fierce fight against the destructive forces of betrayal. They are doing very well in several Provinces, they liberated several towns and captured many soldiers , many equipments and arms. Soldiers who were captured were treated well by the Resistance and the tribes. Those who were captured were returned to their families under the condition not to return to the malicious Maliki forces, and if they do, they will have no chance to stay alive if they were captured again. The battles according to what we hear are closing to Saddam International Airport . Some Iranians were captured also by the popular forces.
The news Media in the West, and especially, in the United States were ignoring the Great Armed Revolt in Iraq, and now, they say it is the Qaeda behind it. The so called expert say that they are very concerned about oil, because the West still depend on oil, and they are worried about Iraq that is the second in the oil reserve in the World. Fuck you guys, are you blind? Do you not see people there? For sure your days are numbered in Iraq, the People are marching toward liberation and freedom, they will clean Baghdad from the filth you brought from Iran. They will rebuild Iraq that you 

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