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الجمعة، 12 سبتمبر 2014

Weekly report from Iraq September 12 2014

Weekly report from Iraq
September 12 2014
With the ISIS media campaign well in place to incite world public opinion, the Americans are now in a position to initiate air-strikes in Iraq as well as Syria. The battles on the ground have stalled for both the American backed Iran in Iraq and in Syria against Bashar AlAsad. American allies now are urging US air-power to bring the battles in both countries in favor of America's allies and it seems Obama is responding and is seeking an international alliance to fight ISIS.
Meanwhile, the Iraqi Resistance has been active in shelling major gatherings of Safwai troops in the rebelling provinces in AlAnbar, Diyali, Salah ElDein, Baghdad, and the city of Samraa. This included an attack that claimed the life of pro-Iranian criminal commander in Baghdad, sniper attack liquidated Safawi criminal commander in AlKarmah, and the killing of another Safawi criminal commander in Heit, AlAnbar province.
Next, calls for the persecution of criminal Nouri AlMaliki have risen in Iraq amidst pressures by international hummanitarian groups that call upon Iraq to join the international court for persecuting war criminals.
Lastly, the Iraqi Resistance reaffirms it will not be dragged into an internal fight against Islamic forces. Washington sends money to the criminal sectarian government in Baghdad and suspected US air-strikes in Mosul, while the UK sends heavy machine guns to Bishmargah Kurdish forces under the excuse of fighting ISIS.

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