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الجمعة، 5 سبتمبر 2014

Lead From Within: It Takes Great Insight To Choose What Is Right

Dear khaled algafri
In our lives we are tasked with making choices.  How do we know if we are making the right ones?  It takes insight.

In our lives we need to communicate.  Many of us make mistakes and it ends up costing us.  What does it take to not pay that price?  It takes skill.

At our work, if we work with a team or have a boss, we will always have some office politics.  How do we manage it successfully? It takes political intelligence.

Read on and find out what has been on my mind this week and then let me know what has been on yours.

Lead From Within: It Takes Great Insight To Choose What Is Right 

"As leaders we are always choosing and the choices we make may come from the idea that we must have the best job, the most prestigious title, the newest technology. But in reality our deepest pleasures almost always come from the simplest source and life is asking us to choose - to choose with great insight because when we do we make it right. So what do you choose?" Continue Reading

Inc:  Communication Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

"Communication is at the core of almost everything we do. If you want to build better communication skills, a good first step is identifying and avoiding these common problems." Continue Reading

Linkedin: Office Politics: How To Win The Intelligent Way!


"Office politics...Ignoring it, denying it, hating it, and avoiding it--will not make it go away any time soon.In fact, your success, your job, and maybe even in your long-term career, may depend on understanding it, accepting it, and learning from it."
Looking for some office "Political Intelligence?" Continue Reading

Fast Company: Ask The Expert: How Can I Get People To Take Me Seriously?

"Being the class clown may have won you a lot of friends in high school but is cracking everyone up going to kill your career?"  Continue Reading
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