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الجمعة، 12 سبتمبر 2014

Lead From Within: How To Make The Most Of Our Mistakes

Dear khaled algafri
Enclosed this week's reading on mistakes, innovation, set backs and asking for a raise.
I hope you enjoy it. 

Lead From Within: How To Make The Most Of Our Mistakes

"Everyone makes mistakes; that is a given. But not everyone knows how to make the most out of them.
Often people are quick to blame others and make excuses, and when that happens, nothing really changes.
What differentiates true leaders from blamers is the willingness to acknowledge they have made a mistake and to say..." Continue Reading...

Inc: 7 Smart Habits of Great Innovators

"The biggest misconception about success is that what you did yesterday will help you succeed tomorrow.
To stay on top of your game, your business, and your leadership, you need to keep innovating.
To continue innovating you have to keep learning, thinking, questioning, exploring, experimenting, associating, and intersecting ideas." Continue Reading...

Linkedin: Our Setbacks Don't Have to Keep Us Off Track

All of us have bad days at work--but some bad days are worse than others.
Maybe you've received a not-so-good performance review, or been passed over for a promotion, or been shut out of a project. Maybe you've even been fired or laid off.
It may feel like it's the end of the world. Your worst fears play out in your head and you're not sure what to do next. You may not even trust your own judgment any longer. You feel completely off track.  Continue Reading ...

Fast Company: Ask The Expert: How Do I Ask For A Raise?

Who doesn't want a raise? Asking your boss for one, however, is rarely an easy conversation. Find out how to ask for a raise. Continue Reading...
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I appreciate you ALL --we are spreading the message of Lead From Within: Heart Based Leadership and we are doing it together and for that I am extremely grateful.
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