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الجمعة، 5 سبتمبر 2014

Weekly report from Iraq September 5 2014

Weekly report from Iraq

September 5 2014

Patriotic Iraqis this week commemorate the anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq-Iran war while remembering their heroic halting and defeat of Khomeini's aggression that began on September 4, 1980 and ended with Iraq's victory in 1988.
While today Iran has returned with the help of the Americans who attacked and occupied Iraq in 1990 and 2003, when afterwards they were eventually defeated by the Iraqi Resistance ending the American occupation in 2011 and forcing its withdrawal. Now the Iraqi popular revolution is defeating Iran by liberating near 60% of Iraq including encorcling Baghdad and bringing down AlMaliki from power by force.
This while the criminal Iranian commander in Iraq Qassem Suliman continues to coordinate his crimes against the Iraqi people with the Americans in the open and uses American warplane cover in his criminal assaults. Also this week, Obama orders some 350 additional military personnel into Baghdad.
Militarily, Iraqi criminal troops continue to be defeated in their attempts to enter Tikreet and Mosul, while the Iraqi Resistance continues its attacks on Baghdad in AlLatifeyah area on the outskirts to the city. Also reported continued fighting in AlAnbar province, and the resistance carries out an advance on the city of Sameraa.
The humanitarian situation reports 50 citizens killed or injured in car bombing in Baghdad, house arrests, detention, kidnappings, unidentified corpses, and the execution of a family of 12 including children in Madaen south of Baghdad by criminal government troops. This in retaliation for their son having joined and been martyred with the Iraqi Resistance in 2006.
In Mosul, shortages of food in the city are reported, while US bombing leads to seven family members killed in Kayarah area. Bishmargah Kurdish forces carry out several executions of citizens in AlTameem province. Fallujah and Tikreet undergo continueous bombing using explosive barrels leading to tens of civilian casualties and injuries. US war planes begin bombing campaigns in Ramadi, AlAnbar province. In Diyali, citizen Samir Yasin in Khalsah is kidnapped and ransom of 200,000 USD asked by his kidnappers. European committee for freedom of Iraq condmens killing of Sunnis by Shia sectarian groups. Last of all, pro Iraqi Resistance poet Walid AlKhashmani is arrested in Irbil.
In essence the situation today is that the Iranians are now desperate and prompting the Americans to be involved especially in providing air power. While on the ground leading sectarian groups are encouraged to ethnically cleanse Sunnis. All this is being facilitated by a media blitz built on the pretext of fighting ISIS, trying to mislead world public opinion to gain its support in ending all of the Iraqi revolution. This in favor of continued American and Iranian destruction of Iraq and for its theft.

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