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الثلاثاء، 7 أكتوبر 2014

Analysis: The secret campaign

Now we wait for satellite images to clarify what happened in Iran; Naturally the attention is turned again to Israel and the State of Israel stays silent.
Satellite images of Iranian nuclear facility (file). (photo credit:REUTERS)
In recent yous, we ware exposed from time to time to violent events that took place in Iran that were related to the Iranian nuclear project.

These events were naturally attributed to the Mossad and to Israel’s security establishment, and the State of Israel responded with silence.

Suffice to recall the Stuxnet virus, the mysterious attacks to/on Iranian nuclear experts and other incidents that occurred in Iran without leaving a trail.

Monday night’s reports – that at this stage need not be taken at face value – stated that a large-scale explosion occurred near the Parchin compound, which belongs to the Iranian nuclear project.

Now it is necessary to wait for satellite images to clarify what happened and what damage was caused in Parchin. Naturally the attention is turned again to Israel, and like in the past, the State of Israel remains silent.

The Israeli security establishment, through the IDF and the Mossad, has worked for years in near and far arenas in what is called “the war between wars”, or the “secret campaign,” whose purpose is to take care of targets in different arenas, most of them kept secret, to prevent Israel’s enemies from stocking up on weapons that would be used against Israeli targets during combat.

Combating the smuggling of arms to the area is part of the “war between wars,” and is sometimes revealed, like when the navy stopped the vessels MV Francop, MV Victoria and recently Klos C in the Red Sea.

In recent years, we have been exposed from time to time to events in which weapons convoys were hit on land and in the sea, as well as smugglers in Sudan, which were attributed by foreign sources to Israel, which remains silent.

The death of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai in January 2010 was credited to the Mossad. Mabhouh was a smuggler, and it is possible to guess who had an interest in his passing.

The long-distance combat capabilities of the “war between wars” require the Israeli security establishment to develop exceptional intelligence capabilities in distant arenas in order to enable the operative factors/agents to function in these distant arenas.

These capabilities require the security establishment to stretch its limbs and create new capabilities at difficult efforts and costs.

These capabilities are a long-term investment that the State of Israel is making to provide better security to its citizens in the future.

Yesterday, it was reported that the “Shayetet 13” elite naval unit was awarded a medal by the chief of staff for carrying out secret operations that are better left unsaid in different battlegrounds in recent years.

These operations, along with many more undertaken by IDF units and the State of Israel’s security forces, contribute greatly to the security of the citizens of Israel.

This is the place to acknowledge and thank the handful of people who do so much for our security.

Adm. (res.) Eli Marom was commander of the navy from 2007-2011.

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