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الجمعة، 10 أكتوبر 2014

Baquba Suffers Suicide Bomber; 112 Killed Across Iraq

Baquba Suffers Suicide Bomber; 112 Killed Across Iraq

by , October 09, 2014
Fighting against the militants continued today, but it does not appear to be working in Anbar province where leaders said the region would soon fall to the militants. Across the country, 112 people were killed and 37 were wounded.
Anbar province’s tribal leaders warned that Anbar is close to falling to Islamic State militants. Although this may seem too obvious to actually be news, the provincial border is just a few miles from Baghdad. Militants are said to already be in charge of the border town of Abu Ghraib and within striking distance of the Green Zone. One member blamed it on military leadership that hindered the province’s own security forces.
suicide bomber in Sfiftah killed nine people and wounded 13 more. The blast was massive enough to damage buildings.
In Jalawla, a civilian gave poisoned tea to four militants, landing them in a field hospital. The civilian’s fate was not reported.
Security forces bombed Saidiyakilling 23 militants.
Airstrikes occurred in RamadiTwenty militants were killed in clashes.
Seven militants were killed in an airstrike near the Haditha Dam.
Security forces killed seven militants in Tikrit.
Shelling left four militants dead and 12 wounded in Muqdadiya.
A helicopter bombed a vehicle in the Hamrin area, killing a wali and two aides.

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