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السبت، 4 أكتوبر 2014

Read on and find out how you can become the leader you always wanted to be.

Dear khaled algafri
This week's newsletter is on how to lead by example so others follow you, why being the boss might not be the best thing, and if you want to be an effective leader you must be able to create the ultimate dream team and hold the best meetings.
Read on and find out how you can become the leader you always wanted to be.

Lead From Within: Lead By Example Others Will Follow

We've all worked for this person:The director who tells everyone they have to work hard to reach their targets and then leaves to play golf.
The manager who calls down staffers for not keeping regular office hours and then says, "I'll be working from home for the rest of the week."
The executive who freezes salaries and then attends a conference at an expensive resort.
These people may be leaders in the technical sense of the word, but they aren't inspiring anyone or earning respect. That's why the gold standard of leadership is leading by example.

Inc: Why You Should Stop Being A Boss And Start Being A Leader

The way you approach being in charge--whether you're running a corporation, a civic organization, or a neighborhood bake sale--is a huge factor in the group's achievement. Think about the differences before you step up.
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Inc: 6 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Meeting

Meetings can be productive, helpful, and even enjoyable. Here's how to make it happen.

Linkedin: 12 Powerful Ways To Create A Cohesive Team


There's nothing better to have on your side than a great team--one where work and ideas flow easily, where people support and enjoy each other and are invested in each other's success.
But great teams don't come together by magic. It takes a great leader and some powerful ways to create a successful team.

Fast Company: Ask The Experts: I Was Doing Better As A Freelancer, What Should I Do?

When you're a freelancer, getting offered a full time job can seem like a dream come true. But what if the grass isn't greener after all?
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With host Lolly Daskal
Thank you everyone for your support, retweets and mentions this week.
I appreciate you ALL --we are spreading the message of Lead From Within: Heart Based Leadership and we are doing it together and for that I am extremely grateful.
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