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الأحد، 23 نوفمبر 2014

Fallujah losses 4855 civilians

Fallujah losses 4855 civilians
by Baghdad Human Rights Studies on 19-11-2014
BRussells Tribunal
Fallujah losses 4855 civilians, including 669 children as a result of government shelling

An official source from Fallujah hospital reported that the continuous bombardment of the city of Fallujah sign 4855 civilians were killed and wounded.
The source said that the constant bombardment of the city fells 1622 people, including 260 children, as well as 131 women, while the number of injured at 3233 people, including 409 children and 317 women wounded.

The fall of the six brothers in Fallujah bombed government forces and militias

Human Rights Baghdad Center |
Chief Resident doctors in Fallujah Teaching Hospital said the hospital received an emergency on Monday, November 17, 2014 seven wounded, including six siblings children, as the hospital had received one civilian dead.
He urged the president of the doctors in the hospital on the need for medicines and medical supplies, hospital supplies to enable them to provide help and assistance to civilians of the city’s residents.

Shiite militia crowd attacking a medical assistant in Baquba hospital

Human Rights Baghdad Center |
A medical source in Baquba General Hospital said that the crowd Shiite militias in Baquba, the assault yesterday on Sunday night, November 16, 2014 on a medical aide (Fawzi al-Azzawi) through beat him with guns and iron pipes that they hold.
The source said Fawzi al-Azzawi, now lying in intensive care and that he was subjected to a concussion, and was seriously wounded in the face and head.
Witnesses of the death and reported that a militia Shiite crowd elements were wounded by an explosive device on the wheel back to the elements of the Shiite crowd and when taken to the hospital assaulted medical Associate Fawzi al-Azzawi, and they insulted the existing staff in the hospital and threatened to kill them if not stay on the lives of the militia element the injured.
He said one of the cadres of the hospital we are often exposed to such incidents, and we will be attacked with impunity from one and that there is no protection for us.

Heavy shelling on the city of Fallujah sign a number of the dead, including a child

Human Rights Baghdad Center |
Witnesses from the city of Fallujah reported that artillery government army and militias crowd Shiite located on the outskirts of the city renewed shelling on residential neighborhoods in the city.
They said that the shelling caused a large role in the destruction of the buildings and shops.
The head of the resident doctors in Fallujah Teaching Hospital, Dr. Ahmed Chami: The bombing killed four civilians and wounded, and the dead included one child.

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