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الجمعة، 28 نوفمبر 2014

Video: The struggle for university graduates in Yemen

Video: The struggle for university graduates in Yemen

University students in Yemen are struggling to find work after graduation leading to frustration with the government and concerns for the future
A student speaks to Yousef Mawry about her concerns finding a job post graduation (MEE/Yousef Mawry)
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University Student in Yemen are calling on their government to provide better job opportunities for graduates and future graduates who are struggling to find jobs in Yemen's deteriorating economy.  Due to the rising rate of unemployment in the nation, many  college gradates are forced to sell products in the streets to make a small profit.
Many students at Sana'a University believe they will struggle to find a job in their technical field after they graduate.
One of the main tasks of the the newly formed government of technocrats headed by Khalid Bahah will be to resuscitate Yemen's economy and stimulate the job market.
The world Food program conducted a study in Yemen which shows that 90 percent of Yemeni households are  food insecure.
The WFP also says the rate of poverty and unemployment will most likely rise if the economy continues to deteriorate.
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