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الخميس، 27 نوفمبر 2014



Three members of the peshmerga were killed and 16 others injured as a result of uneven armed clashes on Wednesday morning in the (Tal al-Ward) west the city of Kirkuk, Tamim governorate .

In addition, seven members of government security forces and Peshmerga forces were killed, including a commander of a regiment at the peshmerga, and the son of Secretary of PSK, 20 others were wounded as a result of violent clashes broke out with militants Wednesday evening in the (Tal al-Ward) as well.

Meanwhile, four people were killed and 15 others injured in two separate blasts on Wednesday in areas of New Baghdad and Bour of Baghdad.

A Government army soldier was killed and two others were wounded in an armed attack on a military checkpoint Wednesday afternoon in Latifiyah South of the capital Baghdad.

Real estate broker was killed and two others wounded in an adhesive bomb was installed beneath his car Wednesday evening in the area Shaab northern Baghdad .

Three Government soldiers were wounded when a roadside bomb targeted their patrol Wednesday in Mahmoudiyah South of Baghdad.

Two civilians were killed and two others seriously injured after a roadside bomb Wednesday in the village of (Abu Karma) affiliated to the (Abu Saida) East of Baquba, Diyala Governorate.

A civilian was killed and five others seriously injured by a roadside bomb Wednesday on the Highway (Muhammad Al Qasim) east of the capital.

At least four militiamen of the so-called "Popular Mobilization" were killed; when a mortar shell landed on their headquarters in the southern capital (Latifiyah), while others wounded did not know the number.

In a related context, a "security" source said: Violent clashes erupted this evening between the Government forces supported with militias in one hand, and the militants in the other hand in the area (al-Gabban) near the district (Samarra), killing at least one of the members of the "Popular Mobilization" and eight others were injured, some in critical condition.

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