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الخميس، 13 نوفمبر 2014

Report from Tikrit - 12.11.14 ( God willing, "Tikrit" to be accounted as the graveyard of Iran and its militias)

In the name of God the Merciful 

God willing, "Tikrit" to be accounted as the graveyard of Iran and its militias

Khan al-Bayati
By: on: 13.11.2014
War in Iraq
Signs of Victory to come to us today from  Awja's  black lair.*

Iraq Rebels encircled militias there, it is said that Samarra hospital is filled with the dead and the injured after continuous clashes which ended in the vicinities of the Presidential palace, the tomb of the martyr Saddam Hussein, and weather
building; several military barracks were also destroyed.

Seized was a very large number of military weapons and ammunition after gaining control over the fourth division and capturing large numbers of militia members.

So as God is willing "Tikrit" to be a graveyard of militias and their friend Iran.

Iraqi writer and journalist

Wednesday November 12, 2014

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