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الأربعاء، 12 نوفمبر 2014

Save Dr. Mujbal Humadi Awad !(OUR SOLIDARITY CAN SET HIM FREE!)

Son abducted. Ransom paid.
Abductors execute son. 
Father, an Iraqi professor, detained without charge.
Politically-motivated and sectarian kidnappings, murder, illegal detention and extra-judicial executions are sadly not uncommon in Iraq today. 
Most of us watch the events unfolding there and in Syria with horror, disgust and anger, but without seeing any way to make a personal difference.
Most of these crimes occur without anyone but the most immediately affected learning about them.
But there is at least one case about which we do know something and it calls to us to take action.
Take a moment to read about the case of Dr. Mujbal Humadi Awad. If you are moved to express your solidarity, please send a message to the Iraqi authorities to demand his release from extra-judicial detention.
Here is a brief description his personal nightmare:
 On October 10th, Dr. Mujbal's son Suhaib Mujbal was abducted by government supported sectarian militiamen known to the Ministry of the Interior (State Security).
     Dr. Mujbal received a demand for a $50,000 ransom.
         He raised the money and paid the ransom.
             The abductors accepted the ransom and then
     summarily executed his son.
On October 25th while at the college, Dr. Mujbal, was detained by members of Iraq's Army Intelligence unit without explanation or charges. He is being held by government security services. No charges have been brought against him. His safety - indeed even is life - may be at risk.
Iraqi friends believe that the Minister of Education could intervene to obtain the release of Dr. Mujbal. They have asked us to organize a campaign to inundate the Ministry with messages of support for Dr. Mujbal and for his immediate safe release.

The government of Iraq receives the support of our government and those of other members of the international community in its civil war against the Islamic State (aka ISIL and ISIS)and other armed opposition groups. U.S. taxpayers foot the bill. ($3.9 billion 2010-2014)
One of the principal factors that has prompted some Sunni tribes to welcome and collaborate with ISIL was the vengeful sectarianism of the al-Maliki government. Ratherthan reverse these practices, it appears the new government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, is pursuing the same disastrous course.
Prime Minister al-Abadi has an opportunity to put Iraq on course to an inclusive, democratic, pluralistic, non-sectarian future that is required to assure its security and even survival.The U.S. should suspend all aid to Iraq until it demonstrates by deed, not just word, a commitment to pursue that course, starting with reining in Shiite militias and real power-sharing with all the religious and ethnic communities of Iraq.


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