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الاثنين، 1 سبتمبر 2014

Stop the Bullshit, It is Maliki

Stop the Bullshit, It is Maliki 

Again, the Media in the United States, renewed their propaganda that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria terrorists are controlling Iraq and killing Christians, and forcing them to convert to Islam. The facts are that everyone in Iraq is targeted, Yazidis, Sunnis and Shiis, they are targeted by the sectarian regime that the United States brought from Safawi Iran .
Iraqis were living in peace and security before the invasion and destruction of Iraq by the USA and allies in 2003. President Obama and his Safawi Iranians are still engaged in terrorizing and destroying Iraq, President Obama keeps supporting Maliki with heavy arms to kill and destroy. Heavy bombing occur every day on Mosul, Fallujah and other cities. Air raids, and barrel bombs are falling on innocent children and forcing people to leave the affected areas, people become homeless and penniless. All this terror is happening under the false pretence of fighting Daesh, ISIS.
The Badr Brigades who were created and trained by Iran, committed many atrocities and still do are in the news again and CNN portrays them as the defenders of Iraq, against sectarianism.
The Media and President Obama are ignoring that the fact behind the tragedy of Iraq is the occupation and it came with , mainly a terroristic government.
I wonder how the Iraqi people and their resistance disappeared and only ISIS is in the battlefield. This reminded me when President Dwight Eisenhower said that there is a vacuum in the Middle East that has to be filled in the early fifties, I wonder if the vacuum was in the head of Eisenhower and Obama. The Iraqi people and their Popular Resistance know better.
An article I wrote previously
Ibrahim Ebeid 
Stop the Madness of Maliki , his sectarian regime & ISIS 
Help restore Iraq to its people.
Ibrahim Ebeid , July 24, 2014
Blowing up Jonahs Mosque in Mosul , probably, was by the agents of the sectarian regime of Maliki, the News Media of the criminal Maliki announced the blowing up of the Mosque 10 minutes before it happened , the reason behind such an abominable act is to demonize the resistance and to sabotage the popular revolt.
Whether ISIS or the militias of Maliki were behind the destruction of Jonah Mosque in Mosul , they are one and the same, they are sectarians and they came to Iraq as the result of occupation, both are detrimental to Iraq and to its popular revolution.
Last week we were told that the Christians of Mosul were warned to convert to Islam, pay jizyah or face death, Maliki and the media accused Daesh, ISIS, behind it. 
We heard that the act really happened, the Resistance captured 4 people who admitted of distributing leaflets with two bullets in each envelope delivered to the Christians warning them to convert to Islam or face death, they gave them 24 hours warning , the perpetrators were carrying badges of the Maliki intelligence, the leaflets were carrying the name of ISIS but with no signature.
Two days ago the Sunni Muslims in Basra, also, were giving a warning to leave or face death, but this act was ignored by the media. 
Sectarian killings , blowing up Mosques and churches, ethnic cleansing started to take place since the occupation in 2003 when the constitution of Iraq and its institutions were dissolved and a sectarian government was appointed by the United States.
Maliki, with the help of Iran, is dropping explosive barrels on civilians , killing innocent people and destroying their homes, Mr. Obama and President Putin are sending arms to Maliki to commit genocide 
For these reasons mentioned above, the Iraqi people revolted with the aim to restore peace, independence and liberate Iraq from the occupation of Iran and US domination.
The Iraqi people and the Iraqi popular revolution need your support. If you have a conscience do not be spectator.

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