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الاثنين، 15 ديسمبر 2014



Two of the government police officers were killed when an armed attack on a checpoint of government police in the neighborhood (Rahma) Sunday morning west of the city of Baquba, Diyala province.

Person was killed and nine others were injured after a mortar attacks targeted homes on Sunday in the village (Um al-Khanazeer) of the district (Abe Saida) northeast of the city of Baquba.

A man, 35 year, put a tragic end to his life after he committed suicide by hanging in his house in neighborhood Almhedyh the center of Nasiriyah .. It is believed that the reason for that is the difficult economic conditions that were experienced by the man.

Ten civilians were wounded, some seriously as a result of the fall of a barrage of mortar shells on their homes Sunday south of Fallujah, the largest city of Anbar province.

The killing of a government army element and four others were injured in a bomb explosion targeted their patrol on Sunday afternoon in the village (Zaidan) of the (Abu Ghraib) west of the capital Baghdad.

Five people were killed, including two secondry school students and seven others wounded in a roadside bomb and armed attack Sunday afternoon in areas TARMIYA and Diyala Bridge of Baghdad.

Person was killed and six others wounded in a bomb explosion on Sunday afternoon in Husseiniya area north of the capital Baghdad.

Four civilians were killed and nine others wounded, including three children in two incidents Sunday evening north and west of Baghdad.

Two civilians were killed and six wounded in a roadside bomb Sunday evening in eastern Baghdad's Sadr City.

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