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الجمعة، 19 ديسمبر 2014

Send Rahm Emanuel to Iraq (to get Haider on message)

Send Rahm Emanuel to Iraq (to get Haider on message)

The Common Ills
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadni wrote a ridiculous column for the Wall St. Journal which some might try to appreciate for it's Plato's noble lie aspect.  But there's no noble lie there.

It's entitled "A United Iraq is Pushing ISIS Back."

This is a week of triumphs for the Peshmerga.

Those are Kurdish forces.

It's also a week where the Iraqi military itself accomplished nothing of note except for yet again abandoning their posts and fleeing in the face of the Islamic State.

I'm not saying that they made mistake to retreat, I'm not saying they didn't.

I am saying when you're seen as "cowards" -- and that's how many see the Iraqi military -- it's real easy to get a little bitter over the success of others and that the Kurds success can lead to a further division in Iraq.

Al JazeeraCNN and other outlets -- it's all about the Kurdish successes.

At such a time, to proclaim a lie publicly, as Haider did, is to really lay the groundwork for further division.

And let's move from the 'losers' to the winners.

If you're the Kurds and the Peshmerga's the only functioning military unit in the country, how do you feel about the country's prime minister handing out at-least-you-participated trophies to everyone when he should be signaling the Peshmerga out for praise?

It was the wrong column at the wrong time.

And, hate to break it to Haider, but he needs to stop being so damn stupid.

Yes, it's important to foster a national identity.

No, the way to do that is not via the Iraqi military -- especially not the non-Kurdish side which is not just a joke for fleeing but also for kidnapping and, currently, the ongoing War Crimes where the Baghdad-based military continues bombing the homes of Sunnis in Falluja as part of collective punishment which is a legally defined War Crime.

The people -- this includes Shi'ites -- do not trust the Iraqi military.

When you use that as a focus for 'unity,' you're making of mockery of unity and you're not fostering it, you're just making your own efforts suspect.

Is there no one helping Haider with visuals and slogans?  Because he really needs some help.

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