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السبت، 20 ديسمبر 2014

Lead From Within: Intelligence is Important But Integrity Matter More.

Lead From Within: Intelligence is Important But Integrity Matter More.

When you think of leadership, you want a wise leader who is quick on their feet and sharp in their vision and intelligent in their decisions. 
But there is something that triumphs intelligence when it comes to leadership. 

Inc: 13 Personality Traits That Can Keep You From Success

If you're examining obstacles to success, it's a good idea to begin looking within. Here are 13 personality traits that, left unchecked, can keep you from being as successful as you would like to b

Linkedin:  Why Some People Succeed-and Some Don't!

People who get ahead think strategically about their career and leadership. They take time to consider how new developments affect them, to consider opportunities and challenges. The best leaders set aside time for their own growth.

Inc: 65 Quotes That Will Dare You to Do Great Things

If we are to do great things we must always be motivated to take bold risks. If you're feeling timid or uncertain, find the inspiration to do what you are meant to do
FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE IN YOUR LIFE: Consider the book everyone is talking about...

Thoughts Spoken From The Heart: Over 500 Thoughts That Bring Meaning to Your Life 

Thank you everyone for your support, retweets and mentions this week.
I appreciate you ALL --we are spreading the message of Lead From Within: Heart Based Leadership and we are doing it together and for that I am extremely grateful.

Lolly Daskal
Lead From Within 

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