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الاثنين، 22 ديسمبر 2014

Iraq News Summary (18 December 2014)

Iraq News Summary (18 December 2014)

Government forces, accompanied by bands of sectarian militias have arrested more than a hundred citizens in a new campaign on Thursday in different areas of the Mahmudiya district, south of Baghdad.
A government security force has found, on Wednesday, a body of a woman had been shot dead in Gazaliyah area west of the capital Baghdad.
The security committee in the House of Salahuddin province, acknowledged the failure of government forces and sectarian militias to face the militants and escaping from Baiji north of the city of Tikrit, and the gunmen managed to retake control to of the areas there.
Two people were killed and five others were injured, some seriously injured in an initial toll of a car bomb explosion Thursday in the district (Mahmudiya) south of the capital Baghdad.
Five people were killed and 12 others wounded by the explosion of two bombs in the areas of Yusufiyah and al-Taji of the capital, Baghdad.
Two elements of the government army and members of the so-called Popular Mobilization were killed and ten others were injured as a result of a car bomb Thursday afternoon in the Rasheed district south of the capital Baghdad.
Six people were injured; in a bomb explosion Thursday evening near a private hospital in the Waziriya area north of the capital Baghdad, at a time when three others were injured after a similar explosion northeast of the city.
Civilian was killed in an armed attack targeted him on Thursday in the Abbarah district of the city of Baquba, north of Diyala province.
According to press sources of Dhi Qar governorate in southern Iraq; the government forces had arrested forty people during a raid and search campaign waged in different parts of the province on Thursday, while similar forces arrested ten people from Basra province, claiming they are wanted.
Two civilians were killed and three others were wounded; by renewed shelling which is implemented by the government army on the city of Fallujah on a daily basis and continuously for several months, according to a report of the city hospital on Thursday evening.

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