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الأربعاء، 3 ديسمبر 2014


In a new statement, the Association of Muslim Scholars (AMS) urged the international community to accommodate ongoing tragic situation plaguing the oppressed civilians and stop bombing of Iraqi cities, and it expressed deep  regret at Arab and international silence on military operations targeting civilians, ethnic cleansing and crimes against them.
AMS said that the unjust siege and murder by Government Military, didn't stop reaping the lives of innocent citizens in the city of Fallujah and other Iraqi cities.
Only in Fallujah, 5103 dead and wounded civilian due to indiscriminate shelling of populated areas since military operations begun to date, according to city's hospital.
Month after month, new barrel bomb attacks on civilians in Fallujah and other Iraqi cities; leaving, on daily basis, scores dead and injured.
Furthermore, Fallujah Hospital was not spared from government oppression, it is constantly being targeted, leaving many dead and injured of medical staff.
By using various unguided high explosive bombs on densely populated areas in Iraqi cities; millions of citizens have been forcibly displaced.
The humanitarian situation in Fallujah is catastrophic due to the absolute siege imposed by government forces on the city nearly a month ago.
Government forces block arrival of basic human needs and fuel to Fallujah, impede aid from getting in, also prevent entry of medical staff.
Authorities in both Karbala and Babil decided to prevent passing of trucks carrying food and baby milk bound for Anbar; exacerbating the situation.
AMS warns of near-famine threaten population of Fallujah, stressing that most important priorities is to break the imposed siege on the city.
AMS emphasized that this organized crime against Fallujah and suburbs; up to be an integrated genocide with all descriptions and evidence.
AMS calls on international community and human right organizations to make efforts to lift the blockade imposed on Falluja and reach the city.

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