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الثلاثاء، 2 ديسمبر 2014



Baghdad, 1 December 2014 – According to casualty figures released today by UNAMI, a total of 1,232 Iraqis were killed and another 2,434 were wounded in acts of terrorism and violence in November 2014.
The number of civilians killed was 936 (including 61 civilian police), while the number of civilians injured was 1,826 .  A further 296 members of the Iraqi Security Forces were killed (including Peshmerga, SWAT and militias fighting alongside Iraqi Army / not including casualties from Anbar Operations) and 608 were injured.
“With nearly 12,000 people killed and nearly 22,000 injured since the beginning of 2014, Iraqis continue to be daily subjected to the unspeakable horrors of killing, maiming, reign of terror, displacement, extreme forms of intolerance and poverty”, Mr. Mladenov said.
Baghdad was the worst affected Governorate with 1,253 civilian casualties (332 killed, 921 injured).  According to information obtained by UNAMI from the Health Directorate in Anbar, the Governorate suffered a total of 1,026 civilian casualties (402 killed and 624 injured).  This included 71 killed and 437 injured in Ramadi and 331 killed and 187 injured in Fallujah.  Salah al-Din recorded 74 killed and 114 injured while Diyala recorded 37 killed and 71 injured.
 UNAMI figures are conservative and may under-report the actual number of civilians killed and injured for a variety of reasons.  Where different casualty figures are obtained for the same incident, the figure as verified by UNAMI is used. and agencies.

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