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الأحد، 15 يونيو 2014

AMSI: Iraqi rebels, not ISIS, who face the Iraqi army

The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) said on Friday that describing the rebels who drove the Iraqi army from several cities as operatives of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is incorrect.

Iraqi military equipment left during retreat from Mosul

The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) said on Friday that describing the rebels who drove the Iraqi army from several cities as operatives of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is incorrect. They decried the designations as an attempt to abort the uprising in the country.
In the statement reported by the Jordanian Assabeel newspaper, AMSI said that the ISIS label is a clear distortion which does not change the reality that Iraqi rebels are the main component of this uprising.
Meanwhile, the AMSI also denounced the call by an ISIS spokesman for fighters to head towards Karbala and Al-Najaf. They described they call as "irresponsible and objectionable."
About the routing of the Iraqi army, the statement said: "This is an achievement that will infuriate many parties inside and outside Iraq, including those with external agendas that harmed the country for years."
Despite claims that it was the ISIS which took over the cities and towns, several Iraqi sources have pointed out that tribal rebels as well as other Iraqi fighters constitute the main force currently fighting the Iraqi army, in addition to some affiliated to ISIS.
AMS had provided a number of important advices to Iraq's revolutionaries to ensure the success of their blessed revolution and overcome machinations which have not stopped since the start of the revolution earlier this year til this moment.
AMS confirmed in urgent letters sent to the revolutionaries, said your victory will irk owners of the projects which hurt Iraq over the past years, who will come together to weaves intrigues against you by all means .. drawing attention to the complicity of many of the media since the first moment of the revolution meant to demonize the revolution and distort its image.
The messages have included the most important steps necessary for the success of the revolution, the forefront is the winning of the popular incubator, and to emphasize that the ongoing people's revolution came to lift the injustice they suffered .. claiming the revolutionaries to make liberated cities models tempts people of other areas to imitate, and follow suit, and also must remember that the masses had turned against their host earlier was due to their own mistakes, besides the cunning actions by the occupier .
The Association has stressed on the need to recept people's concerns and accommodate their problems and solve it, and not fall into the uncalculated reaction in relation to any provocation, being careful not to prejudice the means of livelihood of the people as much as possible and avoid all behaviors which reflect negatively on the situation of the revolution and support.
And called for the revolutionaries to provide security and tranquility to the people of Nineveh, Salahuddin, and areas that have been liberated to ensure their safety, being careful to deal with the minority and not compromising their beliefs, to make the whole world understand that Iraqis still the people of civilization.
The Association also called upon all the revolutionaries to be at this stage in a state of selfless, and not to give the devil an opportunity to impose hostility among them .. they must activate the Islamic principle of Shura .. Pointing out that no one has the right to take any strategic decision alone .
Association of Muslim Scholars concluded in its letters to say that the stated goal now by the revolutionaries is to liberate Baghdad, and this is the right, because the ruling regime there is the source of injustice and crime against the people, unless correction achieved; otherwise there is no other way in front of the revolutionaries to lift the injustice. On this occasion, we should point out that the announcement to go to Najaf and Karbala and the other southern areas is rejected and unacceptable, furthermore, that attitude is irresponsible regardless who was issued, which is just being a cause for antagonizing the Revolution, and to abort it eventually, by stir sectarian strife and infighting among brothers in home .. claiming the revolutionaries to avoid any language that would ignite sectarian sense sought by world's dominant powers to gain its destructive projects in Iraq and the region.

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