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الخميس، 12 يونيو 2014

General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries

Statement No. 20

Our great Iraqi sons
Our brave military forces
Our brave revolutionaries
These are the clear signs of victory for the revolutionaries, the signs of the collapse of Al-Maliki forces, his remnants and other evil infiltrators became certain. There will be an honor for you, the Iraq revolutionaries, and the revolutionaries of the military councils, the honor to fight and resist, saving Iraq and its sons, and saving our people from the dominance of Iran's occupation and its agents.
Our brave military, who had valiant epics of bravery throughout the war (Al-Qadisiyah) for eight years, breaking the backbone of Iran. To the officers and other military, rise immediately to join the military councils of the revolutionaries, everyone in his Governorate and area, to get the honor of fighting, to defend your people, your tribes, your cities, and your land. Give a hand to the officers of the revolutionaries councils and help them to arrange a defense for your areas against anyone who tries to hurt any group of our people. Form with your brothers a bulwark to strengthen our people, to rearrange the daily services in the cities and other governorates, to serve our nation, because you all are serving them.
God bless you all
General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries
June, 11th, 2014

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