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الاثنين، 23 يونيو 2014

Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution Bulletin no. 224 Saturday - 21st, June, 2014

The Bulletin of events that happened during the last 24 hours


  • A citizen, Falah Hasan Alwan Al-Ubeidi, kidnapped from His home in Rasheed nahiyah south of Baghdad    .
  • A girl child killed ,another wounded in an overtaking campaign of home in Fao area  in Rasheed nahiyah south of Baghdad     .
  • 4 large buses loaded with militias, three shaded 4x4 drive vehicles arrived , entered Sadr's office in Mahmoudiyah district south of Baghdad .
  • News reported that violent shelling targeted Taji Camp –Maliki army- north of Baghdad.
  • The revolutionaries targeted with 4 mortars Taji Camp ,north of Baghdad, the hitting was accurate .
  • Hussein Anash Kadhum Saray Arrube'i-one of militias' leaders , death squads and accused of killing of Sheikh Mohamad Jado'o - returned to Rasheed nahiyah .  
  • Killed, wounded persons when 3 roadside bombs exploded in separated areas of Baghdad: one near fuel station in Rustumiah southern east of Baghdad, second near Habeebiyah exhibitions east of Baghdad, third near Kornish Al-Adhamiyah north of Baghdad.   
  • The revolutionaries controlled Rawah , Anah districts in Anbar, news reported about progress to Hadeethah   .
  • News reported that the revolutionaries controlled Qa'im ,west of Baghdad, after defeating of Maliki's army and his militias which caused killing of brigade commander in division 12  .
  • The revolutionaries seized a large number of vehicles of Maliki's army including 6 cannons , freed 35 arrested persons from brigade 28 headquarter after being stormed in  Qa'im ,west of Anabr .
  • Violent bombing with mortars target Badiyah operations-Maliki army-in Anbar , smokes billowed out of headquarter. 
Ramadi  :

  • A tank belonging to Maliki's army destroyed ,elements killed at Sideeqiyah bridge in Khalidiyah .
Fallujah :
  • A blast shakes Amiriyat Al-Fallujah near the center   .
  • News reported that Maliki's army targeted with 5 rockets Hadhrah Muhamadiya Mosque in Fallujah.

Salah-il-deen   :

  • One of Benzene tankers blazed in Beiji Refinery resulted from mortar 120 mm falling .
  • A hummer ,belonging to Maliki's army, destroyed when a roadside bomb exploded at highway south of Samarra .
  • 3 elements of Maliki killed , others wounded yesterday when a barrel of Benzene, moved from Qala'a fuel station to their headquarter in Samarra,  exploded  .
  • Maliki's air force shelled civilian homes in Jbour area in Dhelo'iyah in Salah-il-deen causing killing of three civilians- at the initial outcome-including an old woman-.
  • A convoy belonging to Maliki's army destroyed at Ishaqi-Samarra road on 14-6-2014.
  • A video shows Maliki's army, S.W.A.T. militia , their destroyed vehicles at Ishaqi-Samarra road in Salah-il-deen.
  • The militias threatens families in Ghalibiyah if they do not participate in guarding , they will be threatened ,kidnapped   .

  • The revolutionaries shell with mortars Hamiyah Al-Museiyab camp –Maliki's army- in Jurf Assakhar nahiyah north of Babel.

  • Two vehicles belonging to Maliki's army ,elements killed and wounded when two roadside bombs exploded  targeting their convoy opposite to Farisiyah at Sahrawi road in Jurf Assakhar nahiyah north of Babel . 

  • The tribal revolutionaries shell with mortars the camp of Atheer firm –belonging to Maliki's army, militias- near Sahrawi road in Jurf Assakhar. 

  • Maliki's army, militias randomly shell with heavy artillery ,mortars Jurf Assakhar nahiyah .

  • Maliki's army ,militias seize the home of officer in the former army near Liwa'a road in Jurf Assakhar nahiyah , snipers use the roof.

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