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الخميس، 12 يونيو 2014

Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution Bulletin no. 214 Wednesday 11th June, 2014

  • Muhsin Abdul Muhsin Al-Ka'abi ,the commander of federal police and Lieutenant General staff, fled to unknown place  .
  • Militias elements in Mahmoudiyah , south of Bagdad,  received weapons from division 17 and spread in the district .
  • Killed ,injured Asa'ib elements when car bomb exploded targeting their group at Taji Camp entry north of Baghdad.
  • S.W.A.T. militia spread in the separated areas of Baghdad especially around Green Zone.
  • Iraqi meeting held at the House of Commons of the United Kingdom to make the world be aware of situations in Iraq:
Sir Maginez  :
We know that 4000 Iraqis killed and injured monthly in Iraq , he spoke about failure of Maliki's government , corruption, security loss and services deterioration .
  • 17 persons killed ,injured when 3 roadside bombs exploded in separated areas of Baghdad.
  • 3 roadside bombs exploded targeting Asa'ib militia in Jihad area near the popular market, the group was for volunteers to fight with Maliki army   .
Nineveh  :

  • People of Mosul are satisfied due to revolutionaries maintain to public properties and save them from stealing and theft       .
  • The revolutionaries cooperating with people to remove concrete blocks from Mosul streets.
  • Fuel stations commence work in Mosul.
  • Nineveh Water Department stuff ,guards of Mosul University commence work in the governorate.
  • 9 dead bodies found in Ghazlani Camp in Mosul-7 from Albu Badran tribe and two from Ugeidat tribe- were arrested by Maliki forces  few days ago.
  • Maliki forces imposed a curfew in Heet west of Anbar  .
  • A hummer belonging to Maliki army blazed in light weapon attack at Albu Alwan intersection cross road in Garmah in Anbar .
Ramadi :
  • The revolutionaries attacked Maliki army violently in Ta'ameem and Street 100 in 5 Kilo in Ramadi from two sides to clear these two areas from army.
  • An armored vehicle targeted by spg9 rocket and elements killed on high way opposite to Malahmah area in Khalidiyah  .
  • Two soldiers sniped in Albu Shihab in Khalidiyah     .
  • The headquarter of Albu Hais emergency regiment stormed near Silo on Jarishi road , destroyed completely , heavy and medium weapons seized ,all vehicles blazed    .
  • Kamal Sana'a camp in Ramadi ,belonging to Maliki army, stormed and blazed after fleeing of army against revolutionaries.
  • 3 tanks and vehicle ,belonging to Maliki army, destroyed and elements killed in an attack on army convoy in Saqlawiyah in Fallujah  .
  • Planes and rocket launchers shelled Suhada'a ,Nazzal ,Sina'i areas in Fallujah .
  • Troops of Maliki army withdrew to Baghdad from Tariq ,Mazra'a camps situated in suburbs of Fallujah   .
  • Fallujah Hospital received two dead bodies – 9 years old girl and woman-and 7 injured due to the intended and random bombing of Maliki army on civilian homes in Fallujah.
Salah -il -deen :
  • The revolutionaries completely controlled Tikrit in Salah-il-deen after attack from for sides to clear the city  .
  • The revolutionaries released arrested persons in Tikrit after controlling on  governorate building and Tasfeerat prison .
  • The revolutionaries save Tikrit Bank and establishments from stealing and tampering .
  • Beiji district ,Siniyah nahiyah controlled completely after attacking of revolutionaries on the headquarter  of regiment centered at Fatha bridge , the headquarter of second regiment –brigade 14- , third emergency regiment and Beiji Police Directorate , fleeing of maliki forces from district areas .
  • The military council negated re –controlling of Maliki army on Beiji district ,the district is still in the hand of revolutionaries.
  • The refinery regiment attacked from all sides.
  • The revolutionaries free Udheim area and airport , going towards Thulo'iyah edges in Salah-il-deen.
  • The revolutionaries enter Dour district in Salah-il-deen , wander by their vehicles on district streets, chief police of district flee. 
  • Clashes happened in Jazeera area west of Samarra in Salah-il-deen.
  • Maliki police patrols and Awakening militias wandered on Samarra streets and used loudspeakers singing enthusiastic songs in order to prevent fleeing of elements.
Diyala :
  • S.W.A.T. forces assaulted on citizens by cursing and beating in Kana'an Nahiyah in Diyala .
  • A curfew imposed in Ba'aquba in Diyala to further notice.
  • Blasts heard west of Ba'aquba without details.
  • Streets of Jalawla'a nahiyah are empty of Maliki army  .
  • Maliki army elements in Sa'idiyah nahiyah in Diyala pledge to people delivering weapons in place of permitting to exist  safely from nahiyah.
  • A vehicle ,belonging to Maliki army ,damaged and 5 elements killed when a roadside bomb exploded targeting their patrol in Birwanah in Muqdadiyah district in Diyala.
  • Elements of checkpoint ,belonging to Maliki army near Kawaz Arab village in Multaqa nahiyah in Ta'ameem ,abandoned weapons and fled without fighting.  
  • A number of elements of military point killed in Brej village ,two checkpoints blazed in Ghareeb village in Abasi nahiyah in Ta'ameem.
  • A detachment in Dheba'a Airport ,belonging to brigade15,is in the hand of revolutionaries without fighting in Rishad nahiyah.
  • The third regiment - brigade 15-division 12-withdrew from Ghedah in Daqooq.
  • A detachment, in Beer Ahmad situated between Douz and Daqooq, controlled .
  • Riyadh nahiyah controlled by revolutionaries completely .
  • Hawijah district in Ta'ameem controlled by revolutionaries.
  • Brigade 47 –Maliki army- stormed by revolutionaries ,weapons seized  near Tallaward village between Hawijah and Kirkuk in Ta'ameem.
  • The third regiment –division 12- collapsed near Abadah village south of Kirkuk.

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