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السبت، 28 يونيو 2014

The Participation of the Guard Corps and Al-Quds Force in the Killing of the Iraqi People, Orders Come from Khameni

Many of the Iranian Guard Troops Got Killed or Injured in Iraq

Khamenei, the religious leader of the mullahs' regime, ordered the Guard Corps and Al-Quds terroristic Force to use their leadership potentials to repress the Iraqi people, and to save the Prime Minister who works for them. Khamenei said that controlling Iraq is a strategic thing for the security of the regime, and for the sovereignty of a Shiite government in this country, and it has a decisive role in retaining the regime. He also said that the failure of Al-Maliki is considered as “a strategic failure to the regime of the Islamic Republic”.
On this issued order, Qasem Soleimani is stationed in Iraq, accompanied by 200 leaders of various guard troop leaders, with different ranks, to supervise the process of things closely. They are also in the process of coordination, raising the morale of Al-Maliki forces and the terroristic Iraqi groups who are loyal to the Iranian regime.
Moreover, there were 1500 various ranks guard forces entered the country, and were distributed in the past days in many areas in Iraq to support Al-Maliki forces, and for a direct participation in the killing and repression of the Iraqi people. A number of guard troops who landed in Iraq got killed or injured in the past days, one of them was Captain Alireza Moshjeri from Al-Quds Force, which has been accompanied by a number of field forces that arrived Iraq last week. Before that, Al-Quds Force sent him to Syria in 2013 to participate in killing the Syrian. Moshjeri was ambushed on Thursday, June, 11th, 2014 where he died with some other guard forces that got injured. His father,Muhammed Reza Moshjeri worked as a security directorate leader in Sabereen Al-Quds Brigade. The Brigadier General of the Guards Hussein Hamadani who is the leader of the Forces in Syria and the Guard Hussein Karamullah attended the funeral of Moshjeri at his house in June, 15th, 2014. The Brigadier General Ismael Qa’ani the Deputy Commander of Al-Quds Forces and other guard forces attended the funeral organized by Al-Quds Force in Bahshati Mosque,east of Tehran on Tuesday,June,17th,2014.

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