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الخميس، 19 يونيو 2014

Iraqi Spring Media Centre Bulletin for the Public Revolution- The Last 24 Hours - Bulletin No.: 221 Wednesday, June, 18th, 2014

Everything in Mosul is normal after emptying the city from Al-Maliki army and his militias-Bab Al-Toub, Al-Dawasa Street.

- Al-Maliki forces imposed a curfew today all over Al-Tarmiyah District, preventing the students from going to do their final exams.
- The forces and the militias bombed Al-Tarmiyah District using mortars.
- Squads 17 and 8 used aircraft, heavy artillery, mortars and tank shells on Al-Latifiyah, Al- Bawabaat, Al-Butain and Kilo12 areas.
- Al-Maliki forces have been ambushed by the revolutionaries in some areas in Al-Latifiyah after dragging them there, causing big casualties.
- Al-Maliki army in Al-Taji Camp is providing Ahlul-Haq Militias with pick-up vehicles colored in khaki, with unilateral weapons.
- The revolutionaries are now controlling the check points of Al-Maliki forces which were responsible for protecting the oilfields in Kilo 25 Area and Kilo 31 Area, which is near to Kark Central Warehouse in Al-Latifiyah, south of Baghdad. So, the revolutionaries reached the train railway that is near to the main highway which connects Babil and Baghdad.
- There was a parade performed by Ahlul-Haq Militias yesterday in Al-Jamia District in Baghdad.
- An explosion of an IED in Al-Ghazaliyah District in Baghdad, no further details known.
- The members of the so-called Anti-terrorism in Cropper Prison in the airport spent their night out of the compound, because of the fear of the revolutionaries’ attacks.
-  The revolutionaries of the tribes have bombed Brigade 28 headquarter, east of Al-Qaem, some of Al-Maliki soldiers were killed, others were injured.
-  The revolutionaries are controlling the Al-Muhammadi Police Station in Heet District,west of Al-Anbar, the policemen are giving up their weapons and machineries.
-  The revolutionaries are controlling Abu Tayban Police Station in Heet,west of Al-Anbar.
-  Clashes among the revolutionaries and Al-Maliki soldiers in Al-Qaem ,and the militias are responding by bombing the houses.
-  The progress of the revolutionaries in Al-Tameem Area in Al-Anbar towards Al-Shaheed Police Station, the policemen and the other awakening members made a massive escape from the area.
-  Destroying a tank and a Hummer which belonged to Al-Maliki army in Albuhayes Area after an attack by the revolutionaries, causing the death among their awakening members.
-  Explosions in two houses in Al-Ramadi Island which belong to Hameed Al-Hayes and his brother ,Muhammed Al-Hayes.
-  The revolutionaries seized the armory in Abu Tayban Area in Al-Ramadi.
-  Al-Maliki army is now bombing the houses using aircraft and launchers in Al-Falouja.
-  7 deaths and 5 injuries were the total number of casualties after the random bombing yesterday in Al-Falouja on the houses- on propose- by Al-Maliki army.
Everything in Mosul is normal after emptying the city from Al-Maliki army and his militias-Bab Al-Toub, Al-Dawasa Street.
-  The revolutionaries are controlling Baiji Refinery in Salahudeen after clashes with Al-Maliki forces, and now the forces are bombing the Refinery.
-   The death of a whole family after the bombing of Al-Maliki army using aircrafts on the houses in Yathrib District in Salahudeen.
-   Dropping a helicopter belonged to Al-Maliki army in Baiji District during the fights of liberating Baiji Refinery.
-   The revolutionaries raided Al-Maliki forces headquarter-the Federal Police in Al-Rawashed Village near Balad City in Salahudeen after clashes that took place this morning.
-  A violent mortars bombing by Peshmerga on civilian houses in Mullah Abdullah District in Al-Tameem Governorate after the revolutionaries defeated them yesterday.
-   Capturing an officer and 6 Peshmerga members by the revolutionaries in Al-Wehda Area in Jalawla in Diyala.
-    Controlling the headquarter of the Kurdistan Democratic Party by the revolutionaries in Al-Wehda Area.
-    The revolutionaries are heading towards Jalawla centre, and the collapse of the Peshmerga before the attack of the revolutionaries.
-   Violent fights among the revolutionaries and the militias in Al-Muqdadiyah Market.
-   The revolutionaries have a full control on Jalawla in Diyala.
-   Ahlul-Haq Militias,led by Shaikh Mahdi Al-Hamri and the Emergency Regiment are preventing the people who were displaced from Al-Gatoon in Diyala to come and leave Kanaan Area.

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