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الجمعة، 27 يونيو 2014

Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution - 25th June 2014

Documents, showing mosque preachers, tribal sheikhs, professors, doctors, former army officers’ assassination, were found at Hameed Al-Hais home.

Iraqi Spring Media Center - Bulletin 228 - 25 June 2014

Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution
Bulletin no. 228
Wednesday   25th 2014
•       The revolutionaries attack the checkpoints, watch towers belonging to Maliki's army at Hawli road near Mahmoudiyah district  south of Baghdad.
•       Maliki's forces brought  sectarian militias from Karbala'a, Diwamiyah to Kilo18,Kilo14,Kilo12 areas in Latifiyah south of Baghdad causing fleeing of people. 
•       The outcome of intended bombing victims of Syrian regime, which targeted the headquarter of Rutba district administration west of Anbar, fuel station, popular market, jumped to 50 killed persons, 130 wounded.
•       A'ein Al-Asad base in Baghdadi was targeted with 4 Krad rockets ,hitting was accurate.
•       The eighth brigade was targeted with rockets ,mortars in Ramadi.
•       The victims of Syrian regime bombing on civilian homes in Qa'im were evacuated after penetrating of Iraqi air space .24-06-2014
•       Clashes happened, near Hadeetha dam, with Maliki's army and Awakening militia.
•       The revolutionaries free Albu Hais area in Jazerat Arramadi from Maliki's army ,militias.
•       5 elements of S.W.A.T. militia were killed, a hummer seized in clashes happened at Street 17 in Ramadi.
•       A hummer belonging to S.W.A.T. militia was damaged , elements killed in clashes between revolutionaries from one side and S.W.A.T. militia with police from the other near Hajji Ziad in Ramadi .
•       Two helicopters belonging to Maliki's army shot down in Ta'ameem in Ramadi ,news reported that third one shot down near Anabr University.
•       Documents, showing mosque preachers, tribal sheikhs, professors, doctors, former army officers’ assassination, were found at Hameed Al-Hais home.
•       Vehicles belonging to Maliki's army were blazed, army elements, emergency regiment, Awakening militia killed, wounded in violent clashes in Ta'ameem in Ramadi .
Fallujah  :
•       A person was  wounded as a mortar fell near Sin Athuban checkpoint in Habaniyah west of Fallujah.
•       Maliki's army shelled with planes, heavy artillery civilian homes in Nassaf, Falahat, Amiriyah, Nu'eimiyah, Assad, Zoba'a village in Fallujah.
•       Fallujah hospital received yesterday night two wounded persons to be 482 killed persons, 1713 wounded since the start of Maliki's war on people.
•       Maliki's army dredge farms, force people out from Jazeeiyah ,Hujeir in Jurf Assakhar nahiyah north of Babel .
•       The revolutionaries accuretly shelled with mortars Hamiat Al-Museiyab, Itihadiayh camp at Liwa'a road opposite to Su'eidat area, Atheer firm camp at Sahrawi road in Jurf Assakhar north of Babel, ambulances seen rushing to camps to transfer killed ,wounded elements of Maliki's army.
•       32 elements of militias killed, wounded as mortars fell on Hamiat Al-Museiyab camp –Maliki's army- in Jurf Assakhar in Babel.
•       The random  bombing of Maliki's army on civilian homes continue in Jurf Assakhar nahiyah north of Babel.
•       8 elements killed ,wounded at camp of Atheer firm as a heavy artillery, of which they use to shell civilian homes, exploded in Jurf Assakhar, north of Babel.
•       Persons were killed, wounded  as Syrian regime penetrated Iraqi air space, shelled a popular market in Ba'aj district west of Mosul in Nineveh.
•       Persons were killed ,wounded as Maliki's air force shelled by barrel bombs  civilian homes in Utheim nahiyah in Diyala.
•       A siege imposed on Wihdah ,Tajneed hays in Jalawla'a nahiyah in Diyala.
•       Power has cut for the third day in many areas in Jalawla'a in Diyala. 
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