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الثلاثاء، 24 يونيو 2014

Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution Bulletin no. 225 Sunday - June 22, 2014

The Bulletin of events that happened during the last 24 hours


  • Dr. Osama Al-Rawi, a physics professor  working for Mustansiriya University , found in Biya'a after  24 hours of kidnapping by Maliki forces  with two of his sons in Jame'a hay in Baghdad    .

  • The revolutionaries storm  headquarter of Badiyah ,Jazeerah operations    and seize weapons , vehicles.
  • The normal life restored in A'ana district in Anbar after being cleared from Maliki ,his militias   .
  • The revolutionaries in Rawa in Anbar   .
  • 6 dead bodies of civilians from A'ana people executed in a brigade headquarter before army's withdrawal  , found by revolutionaries in the headquarter which situated between Rawa, A'ana     . 
  • All checkpoints belonging to Maliki's army at the entry of Rutba district west of Anbar dropped , weapons ,war materials, vehicles seized by revolutionaries .
  • The revolutionaries free Rutba district ,west of Anbar, from Maliki's army, his militias.
  • Maliki forces flee from Hadeethah ,Birwanah in Anbar.
Ramadi  :

  • The eighth brigade belonging to Maliki army targeted accurately with rockets ,mortars by revolutionaries.
  • Heavy losses of Maliki army ,militias in clashes happened today evening in Qadisiyah Ula in Ramadi.
Fallujah :
  • The suffering of Fallujah people increased amid shortage of livelihood ,fuel ,gaz   .
  • A person killed , 4 wounded resulted from Maliki's air force bombing of  Nizizah-popular market- in the middle of Fallujah from which Fallujah's people make shopping .
Salah-il-deen   :

  • Maliki's air force shelled home in Qadisiyah hay in Tikrit causing destroying of home without human causalities .
  • Smokes billowed out of Dor ,Tikrit without details.
  • 3 civilians –including a woman- killed due to Maliki's army bombing on two civilian homes which destroyed completely in Ujja in Tikrit in Salah-il-deen   .
  • A vehicle belonging to Maliki's maghaweer blazed ,elements wounded as roadside bomb exploded at Maqbara street in Jubeiriyah Thaniyah area in Samarra  .
  • The areas controlled by revolutionaries in Muqdadiyah district in Diyala:
A'ali, Tuneirah, Kwam, Qala'a, Alwasat, Hunbus, Esewad, Abu Dihin, Azham, Luheib, Albu Mosa, Al-Hamadah, Ugeidat, Al-Bayat, Kheilaniyah,Ishqiraq,Mahatah ,Arab Dhahir.     

  • The normal life continue in Udheim nahiyah in Diyala which revolutionaries control after clearing from Maliki's army, his militias ,and Maliki's forces prevent arriving of Benzene causing fuel crisis in the nahiyah    .
  • Maliki's army ,militias spread in Buhriz in Diyala.
  • A  citizen killed by the sectarian militia-Asa'ib- in his car opposite to Sina'a Thalitha in Ba'aquba in Diyala.
  • The revolutionaries advance in Utheim nahiyah to Khalis in Diyala ,shell with mortars Ashraf Camp according to sources in the camp: killed, wounded elements among Maliki's army.
  • The clashes renewed between the tribal revolutionaries ,Beshmargah forces in Jalwla'a nahiyah in Diyala.
  • The tribal revolutionaries control two companies of sixth emergency regiment at Imam Weis road in Sa'idiyah nahiyah in Diyala.

The syriac orthodox church in Shrtah hay in the left side of Mosul.
The round trip in Mosul after being controlled by revolutionaries

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