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الأربعاء، 25 يونيو 2014

Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution Bulletin no. 227 Tuesday - June 24, 2014

Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution Bulletin no. 227 Tuesday - June 24, 2014
by Iraqi Spring Media Center on 25-06-2014
BRussells Tribunal
The Bulletin of events that happened during the last 24 hours


•        A roadside bomb exploded targeting hummer belonging to Maliki's army at the entry of Heet -west of Anabr- causing damaging of vehicle without knowing causalities .
•        The outcome of air raids of Syrian regime on civilian homes in Qa'im –west of Anbar- in Iraq jumps to 17killed ,37 wounded persons  .
•        The air force of  Syrian regime shells Iraq-Syria cross point – Al-Waleed- west of Anbar .
•        15 civilians killed ,20 wounded – at the initial outcome- as Syrian air force shelled Rutba  administrative district –west of Anbar-,fuel station ,popular market.

•        Fallujah hospital received yesterday-Monday- 3 dead bodies ,7 wounded persons killed by the random bombing of Maliki's army on civilian homes.

•        Clashes happened between revolutionaries ,Beshmargah in Jalawla'a nahiyah in Khaniqeen in Diyala, Beshmargah erected cannon at Elewaiyah village , shelled civilian homes in Tajneed, Wihdah in the nahiyah.
•        Jalwla'a bridge linking (Jalawla'a –Klar –Qara tappa) exploded in Diyala.
•        Beshmargah elements withdraw from Jalawla'a nahiyah in Diyala after clashes with revolutionaries   .
•        3 homes destroyed, blazed in Jalwla'a nahiyah in Diyala due to the random bombing of Beshmargah on civilian homes in the nahiyah.
•        The normal life continues in Sa'idiyah nahiyah in Diyala which controlled by revolutionaries.
•        Militias elements spread in Ba'aquba district in Diyala.

Nineveh  :
•        Two war planes coming from Syrian side entered Iraqi border ,shelled Hasan Kwei area east of Tala'afar district in Nineveh causing wounding of civilians  .

•        The sectarian militias obstructed a convoy carrying arrested persons from south of Baghdad, north of Babel, Jurf Assakhar at Hilla-Hashimiyah high way opposite to Kish remains ,killed more than 70 of them after getting notice from Maliki forces     .
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