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الجمعة، 20 يونيو 2014

Weekly report from Iraq

Weekly report from Iraq
June 20 2014
After the fall of Mosul the week before, the main campaigns of Western and Arab official media has been to portray the Iraqi Resistance as ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Sham). Nothing could be further from the truth. Mosul and other liberated areas of Iraq, have been liberated at the hands of the Iraqi Resistance.
This Iraqi Resistance is made of officers and soldiers of the old patriotic Iraqi army, of earnest patriots of the tribes, and all sincere Iraqis that want to see Iraq free from Iranian occupation and influence. Thus the political and military command of the Iraqi Resistance which was formed in the last six months encompasses all Iraqis from the north to the south. It leads the Iraqi revolution and its people regardless of what sect they belong to.
In contrast, it is AlMaliki and Iran who want to instigate a sectarian war in Iraq driving Safawi sectarian militias from Iran and from within Iraq to fight the dirty secatarian war against alleged Sunnis and under the false pretext of fighting ISIS.
This week the newly appointed criminal commander Abu AlWaleed who was dispatched by AlMaliki to regain AlMosul was captured by the Iraqi Resistance alive in Talafaar fighting near Mosul. The military command asked that he be delivered alive when the revolutionaries surrounded and successfully captured him. News later communicated his execution by the resistance.
Meanwhile, 6 Iranian elite fighting units were sent to Baghdad removing any doubt of the destructive role played by Iran in Iraq. AlMaliki is now with the help of Iran striking at resistance positions in Diyali province where heavy fighting including heavy aerial bombardment has been reported. This while AlMaliki henchmen kill in revenge 44 prisoners in Baqoba prison after revolutionaries advance upon them.
The advance of the resistance to Baghdad has begun by taking northern positions at AlMushahdah and other areas. While, the preparations to enter Baghdad from the south at AlDora are now in operation supported by captured enemy tanks from Mosul that are being deployed in the battle of Baghdad for the first time. Meanwhile, the largest oil producing refinary in Iraq has fallen in the hands of the resistance at Beiji.
Lastly, the US is now reluctant to provide air-strikes against the advancing Iraqi Resistance in support of AlMaliki and has instead sent 300 military advisors to support AlMaliki's army in their battles against the Iraqi revolutionaries. On the other-hand the meeting of foreign ministers of Islamic countries lead by Saudi Arabia has taken a positive position in support of the Iraqi revolution and has condemned Iran's interference in Iraq.

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