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الثلاثاء، 17 يونيو 2014

Crimes of mass murder in Iraq

Crimes of mass murder in Iraq

Ibrahim Ebeid‎‏
Photo of prisoners killed by the forces of Maliki, under the command of Colonel Habib Elias Murad, in the Prison of Qalaat Taafar during their withdrawal.
Here are some names of victims:
Bashar Ghanem Killo
Talal Nayef Killo
Harbi Ghafour Haider
Mohammed Saeed Killi
Ali Younes Elias killi
Nafie Mohammed Saeed Qorbash
Hussein Mohammed Saeed
Mohamed Hazem Abdel Majid Al-Afandi
Jassim Mohammed Shekho
Jassim Arab
Jassim Mohammed Jiban
Aidan Sayed Hassan
Riad Ismail Bakar

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