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السبت، 28 يونيو 2014

Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution Bulletin no. 230 Friday 27th June 2014

The Bulletin of events that happened during the last 24 hours.

Iraqi Spring Media Center - Bulletin 228 - 25 June 2014

  • Maliki's forces arrested 25 officers of former army ,all guards of Ukhwah Salihin Mosque, generator worker in the mosque on 3A.M, and prevented performing dawn, Friday  prayer then ordered to close the mosque till further notice   
  • A force belonging to Maliki's office makes a raid on 28 Nissan compound in Salihiyah in Baghdad , arrests all employees in former security apparatuses, presidency bureau, former members of Ba'ath party –men and women-     
  • Pilot officer – captain- Maliki's army- was killed ,Mustansiryah University put his photo on its gate in Baghdad  .
  • Maliki's forces –federal police and army- besieged Ghazaliyah ,Maliki's police made a raid on the hay after dawn prayer till 9A.M.
  • Killed ,wounded persons a  roadside bomb exploded in Khadumiya north of Baghdad  .
  • A citizen , his son were kidnapped by militias in the presence of Maliki's army –division 17- in Jaza'ir hay opposite to  Hamrah Biscuit firm in Mahmoudiyah.  
  • The militias spread with their three cars (KIA MOHAVI,KIA STARKIS ,BM) at checkpoint of army at the entry of Assalam, Mazra'a  hays in Latifiyah nahiyah   .   
  • A citizen from Ubeid tribe was killed in militant attack of militias supported by Maliki's army –division 17- near Naft street in Mahmoudiyah.
  • A headquarter of brigade 22 –division 6- Maliki's army, in Mishahdah nahiyah in Tarmiyah district north of Baghdad ,was successfully targeted with mortars 120 mm . 
  • Division 17: Maliki's army was ordered by Maliki to merge new regiment from militias and name it a supporting regiment then supply it with all available weapons.
  • Maliki's forces –military engineering- exploded Azghadan bridge which links Hadeetha district to Baghdadi nahiyah fearing of revolutionaries advance     .
Ramadi  :
  • Clashes happened between revolutionaries ,S.W.A.T militias at high way from Ramadi Jazeerah causing huge losses to Maliki's forces .
Fallujah :
  • The intended random bombing continued by Maliki's army on civilian homes in the separated areas of Fallujah causing –at the initial outcome- killing of three civilians including 17 years old girl –and wounding of 5 civilians     .
Salah-il-deen   :
  • Two planes of Maliki's army were shot down by revolutionaries at Tikrit University .
  • Maliki's air force shelled Noor Mosque in Siniyah nahiyah in Beiji district in Salah-il-deen without knowing causalities .
  • The revolutionaries resist Maliki's army attack on Balad station –Ishaqi side- north of Baghdad to get rid of besiege at Baghdad –Ishaqi road causing losses to army and withdrawal beyond Hurriyah bride    .
  • Maliki's air force shelled oil tanks at Beiji refinery in Beiji district in Salah-il-deen , smokes billowed out of the refinery .
  • The revolutionaries control brigade 19 –fifth division- Maliki's army- in Utheim nahiyah in Diyala after being targeted with heavy, medium weapons and seize weapons ,war materials, vehicles    .
  • Maliki's snipers killed an employee working in electricity department from Jurf Assakhar after being tempted to repair power transmission towers.
  • The tribal revolutionaries in Su'eidat area in Jurf Assakhar sniped two elements of Maliki's forces as a reaction to electricity employee assassination . 
  • Maliki's army, militias explode ,blaze civilian homes in Hujeir in Jurf Assakhar nahiyah after forcing out of its people .
  • Maliki's army ,militias use two mosques in Jaziyah in Jurf Assakahr as barracks ,prevent athan, praying in them  .
  • Maliki's army ,militias prevent athan, praying in 7 mosques in Jurf Assakahr nahiyah  .
  • The revolutionaries shelled Maliki's army camps in Hamiat Al-Museiyab ,Atheer, Liwa'a  camps in Jurf Assakhar nahiyah.
  • Tanks carriers , withdrawing  vehicles from Anbar at Sahrawi road were destroyed in Jurf Assakhar nahiyah as roadside bombs exploded .
  • Maliki's army ,militias arrested citizens in Albu Behan in Jurf Assakhar, stole properties.  
  • Maliki's army repeat aggression on near homes  to Sahrawi road paralleled to Jurf Assakhar , shoot fires randomly.
  • The families  of arrested persons – who were killed by Maliki's police at highway in Hilla- were kidnapped during demanding to receive their sons' dead bodies.
  • Mosul municipality employees 
  • Normal life in Mosul.
  • Some of touristic places in Mosul .
Mosul people negate governmental media ,which is opposed to revolution, broadcast false news about raping cases in the city
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