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الجمعة، 6 يونيو 2014

Statement about the Martyrdom of Sama Laith Mouayad

Statement about the Martyrdom of Sama Laith Mouayad
by Association of University Lecturers on 04-06-2014
BRussells Tribunal
The Association of University Lecturers denounces such criminal, coward acts, which aim to destroy the Iraqi individual.

College of Agriculture - Al-Anbar University

Yesterday, June, 1st, 2014, there was a terrible incident in Al-Anbar, when the army forces that were situated around the building of the College of Agriculture opened their fire, targeting a number of students while they were trying to do their final academic exams. It caused the death of ( Sama Laith Mouayad),while the Dean assistant  and two other students got injured. The fire of the security forces reached the College of Information too, which also injured few other students.
The Association of University Lecturers denounces such criminal, coward acts, which aim to destroy the Iraqi individual. Do the students have any relations to the military operations going on there? They defy all the difficulties and the misery in order to continue their own educational procession as it should be, to make their dreams come true. However, it seems that the crows of evil would never like that, so they assassinated a dream, this pure soul was murdered during her exams in College of Agriculture in Al-Anbar University, by a sniper – as many would say- not through random shooting. The result was: the assassin never missed the target.
There is nothing sacred in Iraq that was not violated by the hands of murderers, whatever their identities, pertinence, or sector, they are nothing but criminal assassins, in our Iraq; which has been injured with oppression, arbitrariness, and deception. We are not sure whether we still have the right to ask; when will this end? When there will be an end to the bloodshed of the innocent?
The Association of University Lecturers condoles itself, and condoles all the Iraqis, especially the people in Al-Anbar for this terrible incident, who was unjustly murdered on her chair.
However, when pure blood is mixed with ink, it will be a witness, and will write to history about the ugliness of the crimes of those ignorant, darkened minds.
The least thing to be done against this hideous crime  is to initiate an urgent, fair investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice.The decision makers in the civic government in Al-Anbar,the central government in Baghdad, and the Presidency in Al-Anbar University should all hold full responsibility to bring justice, and punish the assassins, and must not file the case against an unknown.
God suffices in what is going on as He said:  ((And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them for a Day when eyes will stare [in horror])). Ibrahim 42.
Association of University Lecturers (AUL) 
Head Quarter - Baghdad, Iraq
Phone No.: +964-790-1150334


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